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What is Plugin Surf

GPTs and plugins, sorted! Discover the best & popular GPTs and ChatGPT plugins in categories like productivity, design, health, crypto and more. Search AI tools with reviews, votes, comments and get the latest updates from their creators. Get suggested prompts and find community tips for the best GPTs use.

Key Features

  • Extensive collection of GPTs and ChatGPT plugins.
  • Daily updates, ensuring the most current tools are featured.
  • A variety of categories to explore, from developer tools to art & design.

Who Can Benefit from Plugin Surf

  • Marketing professionals looking for innovative AI tools.
  • Developers seeking to enhance their projects with GPTs.
  • Students looking for learning aid and resources.
  • Anyone interested in exploring the capabilities of GPTs and ChatGPT plugins.

What Makes Plugin Surf Unique

  • The breadth of its listings and the focus on keeping the directory as current as possible.
  • A user-friendly interface and powerful search that make finding specific tools straightforward.


Plugin Surf serves as a valuable resource for discovering and utilizing the vast range of GPTs and ChatGPT plugins, catering to individuals and professionals across various industries.