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Interesting links

The major hub for all important content: 🌳 Linktree - learn more about chatbots, AI and technologies of the future. Interested in startups, indie hacking and MRRs? Check: ⚪️ Biosite for Rafal who is a solopreneur and runs several micro-businesses online.

Learn about building custom ChatGPT chatbots

If you're in search of an intriguing technical read, look no further! This article dives into the process of creating a custom ChatGPT chatbot that can interact with the Reddit API. The link to the article is as follows: The author expertly guides the reader through the technical steps and provides clear instructions for building an artificial intelligence system that can fetch data via API interaction. It's a fantastic resource for anyone interested in delving deeper into the world of AI and chatbot creation.

Personal notes - My Curated Bookmarks

Here’s a collection of highly valuable content I want a reference to in the future: My Curated Bookmarks. The link has resources about valuable ChatGPT plugins, GPTs, products related to AI, OpenAI, Agents and Large Language Models. Moreover, it may contain information about indie hacking, being a micropreneur (or a solopreneur for that matter).


I also do some writing, here and there. You can see it on various platforms like Substack or Medium. I mostly write about entrepreneurship, AI, GPT wrappers, ChatGPT and other stuff that interests me - and may be of interest to others. Some articles I published:


I made a free(mium) API for scraping websites into markdown. Useful when you want to train a LLM chatbot: